Wavecom is proud to offer an excellent array of products. Internationally sourced and of the highest level of quality, we are quite selective when it comes to the products chosen for our clients. We are committed to using the products that are best matched to suit the needs of infrastructure networks on a national level, as well as public networks and the networks of our enterprising customers that are a part of the private sector. Wavecom offers five categories of products, and each set of products are carefully selected to provide efficient and effective service.


Fibre Patchcord. Wavecom.

Fibre Connectivity

Wavecom sources the highest quality fibre optic networking products and accessories from internationally recognised suppliers.  These products have been utilised in datacentres and telecommunications applications within New Zealand and globally.

Eltek Power System. Wavecom.

Power Systems

Wavecom provides a comprehensive range of power systems from world leaders Eltek.  Wavecom is proud to be the sole distributor for Eltek products in New Zealand.  These systems have been specifically designed and customised to be used in Telecommunication networks, Datacentres and off the grid solar hybrid systems in Fiji.

Cabinets. Wavecom.


Wavecom have provided customised indoor and outdoor cabinet solutions for the Telecommunication, Datacentre and Rail sectors.  Wavecom supply both standard and custom designed cabinets,  tailored to our customers requirements.  Wavecom has been involved in nationwide cabinet rollouts for Telecom and Vodafone in New Zealand and Fiji.

Communication Towers

Since 2007, Wavecom have provided a variety of Lattice towers, Monopoles and Guy Mast towers to the telecommunication industries both in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Islands.

Warren and Brown

Wavecom is the New Zealand distrubutor for Warren and Brown fibre optic ducting.  A unique system for routing and protecting fibre optic cords between termination equipment, patch panels, and is useful anywhere fibre optic cabling is present.  Easily mounted above equipment racks or below floors, it provides an easily accessible solution to any situation.

Chorus Approved Products

Chorus Approved

The Wavecom range of products approved for use on the Chorus Network.