Cleaning products

Ferrule Mate 2.0 - 250

for SC FC & ST

both PC & APC

Ferrule Mate 2.0 - 125

for LC & MU

both UPC & APC

Ferrule Mate 2.0 - MPO

for MPO & MTP

both UPC & APC


FerruleMate 2.0 - Made in Japan

Announcing the next generation of end-face cleaners.  The FerruleMate 2.0 uses patented rotating cleaning tips with unique Slide-Guide lint-free cloth cleaning tape give the largest cleaning area on the market.

The contoured tips clean patch cord end faces and reach through bulkheads to clean inside.  Connector cleaning performance is guaranteed as the FerruleMate 2.0 cleans beyond the critical fibre core and deep into the the contact area while seated in the  bulkhead adapter.

The FerruleMate 2.0 is a remarkable evolution for it's combination of Durability, Reliability, Simplicity and Low Cleaning Cost.

Patented Cleaning Technology

  • Slide-GuideTM non-slip micro tape feeder guarantees highly reliable cleaning tape indexing

  • Dual rotational tip provides superior ferrule end face cleaning