Fibre Connectivity






Wavecom patchcords are used to connect high speed and legacy networks like Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Ethernet. The patchcords are manufactured using LSZH cables which conform to IEC, EIA TIA and Telecordia standards. The patchcords are terminated with standard Wavecom connector which gives optimum optical performance.




Panels and Enclosures

Wavecom offers an innovative, and robust range of sliding panels and enclosures.  With the ability to use a full array of adapter types, these panels offer a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multifunctional chassis that allows easy access during installation or rework with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibers.





Field Fit Connectors

KOC range of excetional quality of connectors



Cleaning Products


Our range of ' one push' Fibre Optic Cleaning tools uses a dry cloth process to wipe clean the face of MPO & MPT fibre connectors, MPO & MTP connectors when set in adapters and break out modules. These simple to use cleaners remove dust, oils and other debris from the ferrule end face to produce a perfectly clean fibre connector

Tools and Test Equipment

These portable optical fibre tools consists of an inspection probe, Optical power meter and Optical light source.  An all-in-one, portable instuments for on-site installation and trouble shooting.